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Barely anyone likes to decorate their house heavily anymore. Not a lot of people tend to go for a bold and outstanding way of decorating their home. Even though the use of colors is making its comeback, not nearly enough people dare to give themselves the challenge of decorating with bold colors. Some people might even call decorating with bold and outstanding colors ‘tacky’ or ‘child looking’, and of course this is to each their own. If you are someone who loves a more subtle approach on the decorations, these products and tips might help you.


You know what glass is and what it looks like. Glass is see through most of the time, which makes it a great material to decorate with. You can get those big apothecary jars to decorate with, either in normal see through glass or maybe make a little less subtle and get smoked glass, or glass with a light shade of green, pink, yellow, \blue or maybe in full black – which is also subtle most of the time – to change it up a bit. You can get these almost everywhere so you don’t have to look far. If you want to get them in a lot of different variations, you could go to a cosmetic jars wholesale and see what they have there for you to buy.


Some art pieces tend to be a bit bold. Depending on what your color scheme looks like and what you want it to be, you can choose a piece of art, in whatever form you’d like, to decorate either a wall or a table or something along those lines. You could put some picture frames up on your walls, and fill them with pictures of your family or some printed out art works. Or you could go for a more artistic approach and try putting up a painting or canvas of some sorts. And if you yourself are into art you could even make something yourself.


Don’t make your house just one or two different colors. Make sure to have a pop of color somewhere, even if it’s just the slightest thing. You can even work some of this into a painting and a glass decoration. Just find things that you like and a color that you would like to have in your house and not change your mind about it. The color can also be shown in appliances in the kitchen. You get to decide on that one.

Elva Zachman

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